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Introduction kitesurf lesson

In this lesson you learn the basics of kitesurfing. It will cover all the things you need to know about how to safely setup, and handle your gear. We start with flying a “trainerkite”, this will take a small part of the lesson. Soon after this we setup a “tubekite” and learn how to start, fly and land it. At the end of the “land lesson” we will perform a “selfrescue” to make sure you are well prepared to take your next lesson and go in the water with your instructor.

Riding your first meters

After finishing the “land lesson” you and your instructor will go together in the water and will start what we call “bodydrags”. Basically it means that you will go in the water with a kite only, so no board YET. And you will perform different excercises letting you get familiar with the power of the kite and how to handle it. We take safety at kitesurfschool Mui Ne Vietnam seriously this means as soon as you are ready to go alone in the water we will use a radio build in into your helmet for easy communication. Soon after this you are ready for the BOARD and we explain you how to perform a “waterstart”, letting you ride your first meters!

Ride like a proNo more walk of shame

So you are serious and you want to learn how to ride like a pro? This is the deal for you! This package will cover everything you need to know to become a safe rider. From this moment the only way is up (and yes we mean that literally). Not having to do “the walk of shame”anymore and being able to stay upwind will boost your learning curve! Soon you will be making turns and have your first liftoffs.

Refresher or advanced clinicWe will continue where you got stuck

It’s been a while since you’ve been on the water? Or you know how to ride but want to go more into the advanced side of kiting? Either way this is the package for you. We will continue from the point you got stuck. Tell Kitesurfschool Mui Ne Vietnam The Spot what you want and we will look at what you need!

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Taster lesson

From $69.00 1/2 Day Jeep
Kitesurf lessons Mui Ne This beginner lesson will take place...
kitesurf lessons vietnam


From $175.00 1 - 2 Days Jeep
After finishing the “land lesson” you and your instructor will...

Like a pro

$450.00 1 - 4 Days Jeep
Ride like a pro What's included: 10 Hrs Teaching Jeep...
The Spot kitesurf tours Vietnam


From $60.00 1 - 4 Days Jeep
Refresher or advanced clinic More than 3 Hrs you pay...

Frequently Asked Questions at
Kitesurfschool Mui Ne Vietnam

Basically for everyone who likes wind and water. We do advise to have a minimal weight of 30kg. Age is of less importance.

Although often thought differently, you don’t need to be strong to kitesurf. Most power is transferred to your so called harness and you can literally steer a kite with 2 fingers.

No, as long as you take the proper lessons and know what you are doing kitesurfing is a safe sport.

No you can’t. If you don’t know what you are dealing with you are not only a danger for yourself but also for your fellow beach users.

This really depends on how fast you learn. We at Kitesurfschool Mui Ne Vietnam say, average you need around 7 hours to safely start riding.

Because you will be performing this sport mainly in the sun we advise you to bring enough sunscreen. All other things will be provided by us.

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