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What we do

  • Kite

    The windy coastline of Vietnam is perfect for kiting with 230 days of wind above 12 knots. And From November til April over 20 knots daily. So don’t be surprised to find the best kitesurf spots in Vietnam.

  • Eat

    The food culture of Vietnam knows many varieties, rich flavours and eating by itself is more a social thing, often accompanied with a nice glass of beer

  • Sleep

    Vietnam has everything you expect to get a good night of sleep. Are you looking for luxurious or more back to basic? Vietnam has it!

  • Repeat

    Book one of our tours and we will take you to the most beautiful and windy places, letting you taste a piece of Vietnam. Contact us for the possibilities

Why choose “the spot”

Adventure level

new discovered spot

wind guarantee

yrs Off experience

Come join us on this new type of kitesurf adventure known to Vietnam!
Let us take you to the most exclusive and unspoiled spots. We are always on the lookout to discover new epic kite spots, new downwinders, beautiful beaches mixed with the Vietnamese culture and it’s rich food flavours.
Book your tour today and be prepaired for a unforgettable experience.


Tours and Packages

At “The Spot” we don’t just kitesurf, we create kitelife! See below what we do more and combine with what you need.
Contact us for any special needs and we see what we can do for you.

Gear Rental

Want to have a kite vacation without the hassle and costs of having to bring your own equipment? You want to kite at different spots with the newest equipment, not being tied to the location of the school but going wherever you want? Rent from us against the sharpest prices!Show me the rates !

Combi packages

Take you lessons or rent your equipment combined with a tour here. I like combi’s !


Expand your horizon and go on a tour with us. Let us take you to the most beautiful and windiest spots out there. We have pre-made tours, taking one or several days…… Are you that “I have special needs” kind of guy? Go to our customized section!Take me there !


So you have special needs? Maybe you don’t only want to kite but see more of Vietnam, maybe you want to do yoga in the morning? Share your needs with us and we will see what we can do.Yes I’m special !


All new to kiteboarding or want to do a refresher course? Book your lessons with us and we take you to beautiful places with our mobile kiteschoolStart kiting !

Other Services

Want to buy your own gear, need a Visa, transport, accommodation, yoga or maybe something else we didn’t think about?What else is there ?

Our latest activities

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Do you want to book your equipment, tour, lesson or do you have any other question give us a shout!
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Address: 56 Nguyen Dinh Chieu (map below)

Phone: +84 83 693 56 59

Whatsapp: +84 83 693 56 59 (opens WhatsApp) 

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