1 - 2 Days
Tour Type:
Daily Lessons
Group size:
Min 1, Max 3

After finishing the “land lesson” you and your instructor will go together in the water and will start what we call “bodydrags”.

What’s included

  • 5 Hrs Teaching
  • Jeep Transport
  • Instructor
  • Equipment
  • Gear Insurance
  • IKO Card
  • Good Equipment Deal

PLEASE NOTE: a group lesson is only possible when you put together a group (group contains min. 2 and max. 3 persons).
Book your group lesson by putting “Person(s)” amount to min. 2 and max. 3 persons.


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Kitesurf Lessons Vietnam – Waterstart
Riding your first meters

After finishing the “land lesson” you and your instructor will go together in the water and start what we call “bodydrags”. Basically it means that you go in the water with a kite only, so no board YET. And you perform different excercises letting you get familiar with the power of the kite and how to handle it. Soon after this you are ready for the BOARD and we explain you how to perform a “waterstart”, letting you ride your first meters!

Kitesurf lessons Vietnam at “The Spot” are held at different locations when the conditions let us. So not only Mui Ne will be visited for your lessons. We are the only school in Mui Ne that does this. It will not just only add to the fun factor of learning to kitesurf it also give you the chance to see a bit more of Vietnam. We teach you kiteboarding in various conditions with a radio build into your helmet. It increases your learning curve and lets you feel safe.

Multiple day trip

When you really want to make a full experience out of learning to kitesurf we offer a multiple day tour which includes food, drinks and accommodation near to different spots. It will take you a bit further away from Mui Ne showing you the beauty of Vietnam. When your interested in one of these tours contact us and ask for the possibilities of this unique tour!

For any other inquiries contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

A proven best experience

Whether you’re looking for kitesurf rental, kite lessons, a kitetrip, downwinders, storage, kite repair or just a chill place to relax. We welcome you to join The Spot kitesurf school in Mui Ne and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

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