Kite lessons + tour

1-4 day(s)
Tour Type:
Daily lessons
Group size:
Min 1 Max 3


2 Hour Lesson
Learn how to kitesurf and see some of the most beautiful beaches around Mui Ne.

    We love to show our students the great kite spots around Mui Ne. Also it offers the opportunity to learn kitesurfing on “flat water”. The ocean in Mui Ne is quite rough and not the best place for teaching. Thats why (if the wind lets us) we take you to spots with flat water. Less stress and more fun while learning to kitesurf.

      Want to do more than a 2 hour lesson? Book extra hours below.

        PLEASE NOTE: a group lesson is only possible when you put together a group (group contains min. 2 and max. 3 persons).
        Book your group lesson by putting “Person(s)” amount to min. 2 and max. 3 persons.

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        Lessons & Daily tour
        Kitesurf lesson tour

        When you book our kitesurf lesson tour, you don’t just take your kitesurf lessons, but we let you get familiar with the kitesurf “lifestyle”. You go on a jeep with us to the spots that deliver the best conditions for that day.

        For who is this tour?

        For anyone who wants to go to different spots and learn how to kitesurf! When you already know how to kite we refer you to our daily kitesurf tour

          What’s the plan?

          We start the day with coffee and breakfast before we head out for our kitesurf lesson tour or let’s say our kitesurf adventure!
          On our way to the spot you can enjoy the scenery while the jeep is taking us there. Once at the spot we setup our “camp” for the day so we provide some beanbags for you to chill in and some shade in the form of our tent.

          Let the kiting begin!

          You will start your lesson with your instructor! When it’s your first lesson it will take place on the land. When it’s your second or third lesson you will either go with your instructor into the water or when you’re ready to go by yourself, the instructor will communicate with you by using the headset that is build in your helmet.

          Everything included

          This kitesurf lesson tour is everything included so during the day there will be water and softdrinks. And we organise a lunchbreak on the beach so you can enjoy a full day of kiting. Depending on the spot of the day we either watch the sun go down while we enjoy a drink and some food or we take you back to our hangout where we will have a good dinner! Start enjoying the nightlife of Mui Ne.