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4 Day Tour Chasing the wind

4 Days, 3 Nights
Bus or Boat
Tour Type:
Adventure Kite Tour
Group size:
MIN 5 MAX 12


We take you on an adventure to wherever the wind and conditions are the best.
Join us on this unforgettable experience!
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  • December 15, 2017
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Kite Spots Vietnam
We take you on an adventure to never forget!

Where?….. To wherever the wind blows and where the conditions are the best!

    What can you expect?

    A fully organised trip to the kite spots Vietnam has!
    You don’t need to think about anything, we’ve got you covered for wind, beautiful spots, food, drinks (no strong alcohol) and accommodation.

      So basically all the ingredients for having a lot of fun with a cool group of people!
      We try to take you to a different spot everyday and surprise you with the diverse conditions and kite spots Vietnam has.

        We start each day with having a good breakfast so we have enough energy to go kiting. After breakfast we take you to the kitespot for that day.
        During lunchtime we make sure we provide you with some excellent food on the beach because we all need food after a good kite session!
        Depending on the location and day we might take care of a BBQ right on the beach for dinner time. What is better than after a whole day of kiting to see the sun go down right at the kite spot while enjoying the nicest seafood and drinks. Talking through the day with your friends. After that we head of to the accommodation where we will spend the night so we fully came to rest for our next epic day of kiting!

          Ready to join on this epic adventure? Book your tour today and discover Vietnam’s kite spots with us!

          What’s not included?

          Kite equipment and kite lessons but when needed you can book them seperately.
          Look at the rental page for the newest equipment (when you don’t know how to kite yet, you can’t rent).

          You want to learn kitesurfing, take a look at our lessons page and book in combination with this tour.

          Not know for sure what to book? Contact us directly.