Things to do in Mui Ne

Things to do in and around Mui Ne fishing village

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Things to do in Mui Ne

Are you planning to visit the fishing village or are you already here? Then this article is for you. We created a ultimate "things to do in Mui Ne" list. You will find everything you need to know on one page; Sightseeing, sunset places, sports, food, tours, nightlife and all the information is easily put in a Google map. Therefore by using this map during your stay you will never miss a thing!

We want this list to be the most complete and so there will be updates to this post regularly. In addition when there is something missing, let us know in the comment section below and we will add this to our list. We are sure that you will find this list to be helpful and we wish you a great time!

Table of contents

a brief history of mui ne fishing village

  1. A short introduction of Mui Ne and why it became famous for tourists and kitesurfers.
  2. Visit Mui Ne's fishing village 3D museum.

Things to do


  1. Kitesurfing (obviously 😉 )
  2. SUP
  3. Windsurfing
  4. Surfing
  5. Jet-ski and Flyboarding
  6. Kayak and Sailing
  7. Trampolines
  8. Paragliding
  9. Skateboarding
  10. Gym
  11. Tennis
  12. Yoga
  13. Golf
  14. Mini Golf
  15. Bowling


  1. Fairy Stream
  2. Fishing Village
  3. Nightlife (clubbing)
  4. Red and white sand dunes (buggies, quads)
  5. Fishing

Other activities:

  1. Motorbike tour
  2. Jeep tour
  3. Bicycle tour
  4. Hot Air balloon
  5. Cooking school
  6. Massage
  7. Casino
  8. Food places (bia Hoi, Food Court, Bibo)
  9. Sunset places (little Buddha, Cargo Remote

Around Mui Ne:

  1. Tacu Mountain (sleeping Buddha)
  2. Kể Ga lighthouse
  3. Phan Thiet City
  4. Cinema
  5. Cham Towers
  6. Abandoned amusement park
  7. Da Lat

How to get to here

  1. Sleeper bus
  2. Train
  3. Private Transfer
  4. Limousine bus
  5. Motorbike

A brief history

1. Mui Ne, why it's a popular destination for tourism and kitesurfing.

It all started back in 1995 because of a solar eclipse. The until then unknown fishing town was called out to be the best place to witness the total solar eclipse. As a result flocks of people traveled to Mui Ne to see this natural phenomena. Consequently its beautiful beaches and delicious seafood were discovered.

It took about 5 more years before Mui Ne was discovered by water- and windsports enthusiasts. But from the moment it did, it grew out to be the wind- and kitesurfing Mekka of South-East Asia. Because it is by far the windiest place in South-East Asia with over 230 days of wind above 12kts. In addition it has its own micro climate and therefore this town has the least amount of rain and biggest amount of sunny days in Vietnam. In short Mui Ne is a top destination to enjoy the sun, sea and wind, also during the "rainy" season. To clarify, the rainy season starts typically around the beginning of May till around the end of October. In addition during this time there is also not that much wind. Our (windy) high season starts from the end of October and goes on to the end of April.

Where does the name come from?

There are 2 known versions of where the name Mui Ne comes from.

Firstly, Mui Ne means "point of hiding" or "sheltered peninsula". This name was given by the fishermen that are fishing in this area, and needed a hiding place during sea storms. Literally "Mui" means "cape" and "Ne" comes from the Vietnamese word "hiding".

Secondly they say it comes from the Cham people that lived in this area.

And the story goes that the youngest daughter of the Cham king who was called "Ne", she was build a temple located in the cape and got named after her. In other words this translated to the "cape of Ne".

Mui Ne and Ham Tien

Although known as Mui Ne, most resorts and kiteschools are located 5km east of Mui Ne fishing village. And officially this popular stretch of beach is called Ham Tien.

2. Mui Ne fishing village 3D museum

When you want to see the history of this fishing village and how its famous fish sauce is made? Then visit the 3D museum.

Our ultimate to do list

1. Kitesurfing Mui Ne

Kitesurfing, being a kitesurfschool this is what we promote firstly. And ofcourse we think that we are the best kite school with the nicest vibes, longest beach, coolest trips, dowwinders and so on 😉 Just have have a look at our school here. And while we are at it, we also like to mention some other schools, just so you know what else is there and you are able to make your own choice.

*All schools mentioned are in the order of closest to furthest away from "The Spot" located at Coco Beach Resort.

kiteschools in Mui Ne

There are more kite schools in but these are the ones with a website.

2. SUP

Most of the mentioned schools above have some SUP boards that you can rent from them. And if you are up for a challenge then doing a SUP tour from Malibu beach to MuiNe beach is what you are looking for. In addition there are some schools that organize this trip.

3. Windsurfing

For windsurfing lessons or rental we advise you to go to Jibes. Because they have the biggest choice of sails, boards and most up-to-date gear. Therefore Jibes will be your number one choice on the main beach. In addition, about 6km further up north from the main beach you will find Surf4you, similarly to Jibes you will find high quality windsurf equipment here.

4. Surfing

Are you into surfing or maybe you want to try something different on those non-windy days? The guys from Mui Ne Local Surfschool are a cool bunch of guys that know all the popular and secret surfspots around. In other words, contact them if you want to have some fun time and good surf, you will not be dissapointed.

5. Jet-ski and Flyboarding

Our partner from Flyboard Mui Ne who is also located at Coco Beach Resort has some powerful jet-skis for rent.

But that is not all, in addition you can do something a bit different, namely Flyboarding.
Flyboarding is the extreme watersport that has created excitement all around the world with its combined possibility of flying like a superhero and swimming like a dolphin. In other words, this is something you don't want to miss as a water-sport and adrenaline junky.

6. Kayak and Sailing

At Coco Beach resort you can rent Kayaks and Laser sail boats. This is a cool and relaxing activity, to go around in the bay and therefore see Mui Ne bay from a different angle on the light wind days.

7. Trampolines

Another unique thing to do in Mui Ne is its Jumping Arena Impulse which is a nice playground for young and old. In addition, this place offers you the possibility to practice your kitesurf tricks while being of the water. But that is not all, it even has a small outdoor gym. And needless to say, the trampolines have a high entertainment level for you and your kids.

8. Paragliding

Mui Ne and its surroundings have a beautiful hill like, sand dunes landscape and in addition thermic winds. Therefore it makes it the perfect playground for paragliding. In other words, these are the ingredients to give you a fabulous and above all, unforgettable experience!

9. Skateboarding

For skateboarding you can either go up the highway (which is fairly empty from traffic) or you can go to the "jungle bowl" which is a concrete bowl/halfpipe perfectly suited to practice your bottom and top turns.

10. Gym

Mui Ne has various gyms, the more luxury resorts often have a gym. But when you want to go to a public gym "Vegeta" gym close to the "Ham Tien" market is your best option. This gym is simple equipped but has all you need for a proper workout.

11. Tennis

To play tennis in Mui Ne you can go to Saigon Mui Ne resort. Here they have a court which you can use against a small fee.

12. Yoga

There are various places in Mui Ne where you can do yoga. However the most popular place with the biggest variety of classes is Yoga Dom Na Gore. This beautiful and quiet location up on the hill will make you enjoy your yoga class even more.

13. Golf

To play golf you will have to go to Sea Links

And this is the information that we have about this golf course:

  • Designer: Ronald Fream,
  • Golfplan Holes / Par / Yardage: 18 holes par 72 (7623 yards)
  • Established: 2008
  • Location: 10 minutes from Mui Ne and 20 minutes from Phan Thiet
  • Distance: 4 hours East of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Opening hours: Open everyday
  • Max. golfers per group: Weekday: 4 Weekend: 4
  • Golf Cart: USD 22
  • Golf Set: USD 46
  • Golf Shoes: USD 12
  • Umbrella: USD 6
  • Driving Range: Yes
  • Facilities: Accommodation, Fitness, Massage, Restaurants, Sauna, Spa

14. Mini golf

A different variant to golf is the Tropical Mini Golf course, a fun venue to visit with your kids or a good start for your evenings. Go with some friends, have fun, a few drinks and continue your night out. In other words this is a cool venue and nice alternative to start your night out. The mini golf is located opposite from Saigon Mui Ne resort.

15. Bowling

Mui Ne even has a bowling alley located at Palmira resort. There are 10 lanes so it can accomodate big groups also. To book give them a call to make sure that they are open. You can find their prices and contact details here.

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