Kite N Paddle in Vermont Lake Champlain

Kite N Paddle in Vermont Lake Champlain

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Thank youKite N Paddle in vermont lake Champlain

Curt and Jerri have been coming to Vietnam for many years. It’s always fun to have them around.

They started their own kitesurf spot and kiteboarding school in beautiful lake Champlain. A quiet place surrounded by impressive state owned islands. Besides a kiteschool they also give SUP lessons and SUP tours. Definitely worth a visit and nope we are not just saying this because they are our friends. It just simply is a special place, so don’t forget Kite N Paddle in Vermont lake Champlain.

The Spot Vietnam

When we told them about our new adventure we are starting in Mui Ne Vietnam they were super enthousiastic. And so decided to publish a small post about us to show their support! We are ofcourse very happy with it and you can read the article here.

So Curt and Jerri, when you arrive here in December we would like to take you on one of our daytrips, ending the day on the beach with a BBQ as a thank you back!

Kite with us

And as for you who is reading this post, have a look at the tours. We will be constantly renewing them since our goal is to bring you new, fresh and exciting kitesurf spots in Vietnam to kite on!

For any questions contact us. And we see you around at our exciting new location The Spot which we will announce to you very soon, so stay tuned!

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