Phan Rang Kitesurfing Vietnam

Phan Rang kitesurfing Vietnam

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a fairly new kitespot that is growing fast in popularity.What to know before you go

Phan Rang kitesurfing Vietnam:

This article is meant for those who are thinking about going to Phan Rang to kitesurf. We try to cover everything you need to know about Phan Rang kitesurfing Vietnam and we will update the article regularly with the latest developments.

Here a quick summary:

-Spot conditions, reading the tides, season, kite sizes, rider level, other equipment
-How to get there

Taxi’s to Phan Rang

The Spot conditions

Although everyone calls the spot Phan Rang, officially it’s located 16km northeast from Phan Rang at the My Hoa lagoon.
The lagoon is located in a beautiful piece of nature and still fairly untouched. Phi from Phi’s kiteschool was the first to start a school at this spot and in just a few years time the My Hoa lagoon already counts 4 kitesurf schools.  Phan Rang Kitecenter, Vietnam Surf Camping and just recently opened Sorrento Beachclub and as previous mentioned Phi’s kiteschool. One can say that next to the popular kitespot Mui Ne, Phan Rang kitesurfing Vietnam is becoming just as popular and the reason is obvious.
Flat shallow water, waves and strong wind all in one spot! Unfortunately the biggest downside of this shallow water is that it is too shallow when it’s low tide.
So keep an eye out on the tides to make sure that you don’t arrive on the spot and discover that there is no water in the lagoon. Below you find the current weather conditions on the spot.

How to read the current tides in Phan Rang, My hoa lagoon

At the bottom of the weather forecast are the tides in the form of a curved line. The bottom of this curved line represents the lowest water level with the time when this is written underneath it. The top of this curved line represents the highest water level again with the time when this is written above it.


The windy season

Just like Mui Ne the windy season starts in November and ends somewhere in April. Let’s say during this period the wind is blowing almost every day. But this doesn’t mean that during the rest of the year there is no wind, it’s just not as strong as in the high season and not everyday.

Kite sizes

In the main kite season you better bring your smallest kite! A 5 or 7m is not an uncommon size to be seen in the My Hoa lagoon. A bit depending on whether you will be on a twintip or surfboard, let’s say from 5 to 10m will be the sizes most used. Where the 10m most likely will already be too much for most days.

There are options to rent at the different kite centers also, they have brands as Cabrinha, Naish and DSD. We, The Spot Vietnam are using Core kites and although we are not located in Phan Rang you are able to rent with us and take it to Phan Rang. If you want to rent for a longer period we even offer the option to bring the desired kite equipment to you. You’re always welcome to contact us and ask for the options or you can directly book your kite equipment here online.

Rider level

From beginner to advanced level. Phan Rang is counting 4 different kiteschools at the My Hoa lagoon at this moment. So if you are looking for your first kitesurf lessons, Phan Rang is definitely an option.
When you are already an experienced kiter and you like to boost big than Phan Rang kitesurfing Vietnam will deliver! The current height record is around 18 m are you ready for the challenge?

See the record for Phan Rang Kitesurfing Vietnam

Woo Sports Leaderboard Phan Rang Vietnam

Other equipment for the My Hoa lagoon in Phan Rang


When you are going to the lagoon in Phan Rang and you are a fairly new kiteboarder, taking booties with you can be a good option.

Although they try to clean up the lagoon as much as possible from broken reef parts and rocks you might still find them there. So to prevent yourself from getting cuts bring some booties or rent them at the spot.


As you might know, for Mui Ne no wetsuit is needed because it’s warm enough. In Phan Rang it’s also hot but because of the rocky area/bottom the water temperature is a bit colder than in Mui Ne so taking a shorty might be something to consider.

Other Things

Shoes and a wetsuit are the things we think are worth mentioning. All other things like a impact vest, sunglasses etc. are what you personally prefer.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Phan Rang Kitesurfing Vietnam

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